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Each Pair Is Custom Made

Our founder, David Moore, has been making handcrafted boots for over 45 years and his knowledge and experience go into every pair of our custom made boots. If you’re ever in Southern Arizona, feel free to stop by and say “Howdy” to Dave.

Every one of our boots is hand lasted and hand welted for a perfect fit. Any boot style can be made with any toe or heel, in any leather or color. Each pair of boots is made to customer specifications.

David Sr. David's Western Wear

All Day, Every Day: How to Wear David’s Custom Cowboy Boot

On North Morley Avenue in Nogales, Arizona, just five blocks from the international border, David Moore, Sr. has been measuring feet, working leather, and shaping cowboy boots for over 60 years. His business, David’s Western Wear, specializes in custom boots, and you’ll never find David, Sr.  without a pair … READ ARTICLE